Effective classroom management

Effective classroom management
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Why come with us?

Learn about Classroom management from top experts! 

Participants will receive an official certificate of attendance and an Erasmus+ Mobility Pass.

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What to expect

Previous to the beginning of the training the granted participants will be sent a pre-departure support consisting of the necessary information required to reach destination and to successfully manage within the course period in the new country.

Participants will be asked to fill in a questionnaire regarding their backgrounds and needs. Questions will refer to their interest and experience in innovative teaching methods, their teaching backgrounds, ability of using a computer, level of course language.  

They will also be sent the detailed programme of the course and a list of films which should be seen in order to start a further discussion about classroom management theories and strategies.  

The course sessions will be highly interactive consisting of workshops, debates, film analysis, and best practice exchange.  

Classes will be taught in a very practical way based on the “learning by doing” principle which is expected to stimulate attendees to both make use of the newly acquired information and enjoy taking part in course activities

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Only the best of the best

Catholic Education Flanders builds on its international network to select these courses. They cooperate only with the best host partners to provide the best courses for you. Next to that a pedagogical adviser will join each course to guide participants through their learning process.

Meet the team

Company team

Eruditus trainer


Company team

Pedagogical adviser

A pedagogical adviser will support participants throughout the whole study-trip.

Date & Time

February 7, 2022

Start - 1:50 PM Friday

February 11, 2022

End - 1:50 PM UTC
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