Dene Magna: Job shadow activity – Adaptive Expertise

Dene Magna
950.00 € 950.0 EUR
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    Why come with us?

    Learn about Citizenship education and student engagement from top experts!

    Participants will receive an official certificate of attendance and an Erasmus+ Mobility Pass.

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    What to expect

    The job shadow activity will provide participants the opportunity to talk to teachers, students and administration in the school. Participants will be able to have a real look behind and in front of the scena at Dene Magna.

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    Only the best of the best

    Catholic Education Flanders builds on its international network to select these courses. They cooperate only with the best host partners to provide the best courses for you. Next to that a pedagogical adviser will join each course to guide participants through their learning process.

    Meet the team

    Jon Walters 

    Assistant head teacher: Dene Magna school

    Pedagogical adviser

    A pedagogical adviser will support participants throughout the whole study-trip.

    Date & Time

    May 16, 2022

    Start - 8:50 AM Friday

    May 20, 2022

    End - 4:50 PM UTC
    Partner Location

    Dene Magna school

    Abenhall Rd
    GL17 0DU
    United Kingdom
    --Dene Magna school--
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    Dene Magna school

    --Dene Magna school--

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